Fall Back with Margaret Matson Fine Jewelry!

Stop in the store for our first Free Battery Friday event on November 1 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. We will change your watch battery and set the new time for FREE in honor of this weekend when we set clocks back one hour. Please note that this offer is one watch per customer, while our battery supplies last. Leave your watch with us and go out for coffee and a snack while we change the battery and the time.
We would also like to note that because of the nature of certain luxury watches, we will not be able to do this for all watch styles and/or brands. This includes:
  • Ecco style by Seiko
  • Dive watches or any waterproof watch that requires a pressure seal
  • Solar battery watches
  • Chronograph style watches (those that have two to three smaller dials on the watch face that track seconds, date and/or year)
  • Certain makes and models of the Swiss Army brand
It’s also a good time to chat about what your watch face tells you besides the time.
Here are some helpful hints about the type of watch you wear:
If your watch face reads:        Your watch is:
“Quartz”                                         Battery operated.
“Automatic”                                  Operated by the daily motion of your wrist/arm.
                                                          If you don’t wear this watch every day, the watch may
                                                          stop because the motion that “winds” it has stopped.
                                                         On days when you don’t wear this style of watch,
                                                         take it from its box and wave it gently back
                                                          and forth several times.
“Solar”                                            Operated by a solar-powered battery.
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