The Labor of Love: Push Presents

posh mommyPush presents are gifts given to those champion athletes, New Moms! Whether it’s her first or her fifth baby, all moms deserve a little memento for the joyous occasion! If you are unfamiliar with the tradition, here’s the Why, Who, When, Where and What of the post-birth baby gift:

Why: Baby showers are for babies and the array of equipment one needs for their care. These gifts are just for mom, and they don’t need to have ducks or bunnies adorning their surface.

Who: Traditionally, these are gifts given by the dad. However, one does not need any special relationship to the new mom to give gifts. Grandmas, sisters and BFFs can present something special. It might be a good idea to check in with the loving dad to make certain you don’t duplicate the effort. Rumor has it that the Duke of Cambridge, aka Prince William, has been shopping for a pink diamond to set in a brooch for the Duchess of Cambridge, aka the former Kate Middleton, in honor of newborn Prince George. The Duke’s father, Prince Charles, presented Princess Diana with a gold charm with a “W” engraved on it when His Royal Highness was born.

When & Where: Unlike baby shower gifts, which come ahead of the baby’s birth and traditionally only on the occasion of the mother’s first birth, these Labor of Love gifts come after the baby is born. Gift-givers can take their presents to the hospital or bring it to the house for that first visit (and don’t forget to bring a casserole so the new mom doesn’t have to cook)!

What: As one can see from the “Who” paragraph, there is a wide selection of gift ideas, and jewelry tops the list. Here are our top recommendations:

  • Our Posh Mommy line of engraving-ready charm bracelets and necklaces;
  • Lovely gemstone jewelry in the baby’s birthstone;
  • Fabulous sparkling diamonds (in pink and blue, no less);
  • Custom jewelry: design something special for the occasion; OR
  • Baby’s birth might be the occasion to design a beautiful custom mother’s ring or necklace that captures each child’s birthstone in a single setting.
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