Get It out of the Drawer!

2015WP Aug 3 Repairs copy What’s in your dresser drawer? A ring two sizes too small? A pair of earrings with a missing gemstone? The watch you got for graduation that didn’t keep time and then stopped all together? What about that necklace from grandma that isn’t quite your style? None of these things needs to go unused. We want to encourage jewelry lovers to get what they want.

Something Custom  for You!

Margaret, a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is the third generation of Matsons in the jewelry business and has more than 25 years of experience. Margaret and her helpful staff will assist customers in:

  • finding exciting new settings for your existing gemstones or create entirely new designs through diamond and gemstone selection;
  • conducting gem analysis, identification and evaluation;
  • selecting wedding jewelry from our in-stock pieces or by creating custom work for your engagements, weddings and anniversary celebrations;
  • choosing unique, timeless items from our antique and estate jewelry collection; and
  • completing appraisals for all your jewelry that meets your needs for insurance and estate planning purposes.

Maintaining What You Love

In addition, we are delighted to help you determine the type of repairs your jewelry needs and secure accurate estimates before the work begins. This might include:

  • For rings: sizing, prong and shank repair, gem matching and replacement.
  • For necklaces and bracelets: restringing, clasps and link repair.
  • For earrings: replace posts, prong repair, gem matching and replacement.
  • For pins and necklace slides: closures, prong repair, gem matching and replacement.
  • For watches: batteries, watch bands, pin replacement, closures and crystals, clean/overhaul, part replacement. For luxury watch maintenance, our seasoned watchmaker with more than 30 years’ experience is waiting to assist.

Margaret Matson Fine Jewelry also hosts designer lines such as Kirk Kara, James Breski, Dora Wedding Bands, Ashi Bridal, Reactor Watch, Danish Designs watches, Chan Luu, Zina and Dobbs of Boston sterling silver, Add-a-Pearl and more!

Create jewelry you will love to wear. From selecting a manufactured mounting to working with Margaret on a custom design, we don’t want anything to sit in your drawer or jewelry case unused.


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