Estate and antique jewelry! hip, green and the best value around!

estateMy father had a love for history, and over many years, acquired quite a collection of estate and antique jewelry. Antique jewelry, by definition, is 100 years or older, and estate means previously owned. This means the age of the pieces may vary. Over the past 25 years, our collection has continued to grow, and includes a mixture of both estate and antique pieces, ranging in age from the early 1800’s, to just a few years old. Whether your taste is Victorian, Art Deco, modern or eccentric, we have carried it all.

Today, one of the things I still enjoy on a daily basis are customers who bring us their treasures to have them evaluated for our collection. If you have something that you have inherited, and would like to know more about it, I hope you will stop in and let us assist you! Perhaps you would like to know the value of the jewelry, or just want to know a little more history about a particular piece. Whatever the case, we can help!

As our society becomes more conscious of recycling, estate and antique jewelry continues to be an excellent investment, and one which is always a great value. We take pride in our many years of experience, buy at the best price, and are therefore able to pass along our savings to our customers.

Over the years, I too have developed a love for jewelry from vintage pieces from the past. The craftsmanship is difficult to find today, and each piece truly is a one-of-a-kind heirloom! I hope if you have not stopped in to see our collection, you will visit us soon!

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