In 1989 Skagen watch was created by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst who came to the United States from Denmark to follow their dream of owning and running their own business. They wanted to create something that was beautifully designed with high-quality materials that can be sold at reasonable prices. Soon after they started to make watches from a small apartment and selling them door to door. When they least expected it their lucky break came and Bloomingdales started to offer their wrist watches in the chain of their department stores.

Skagen watches reflect owners Charlotte and Henrik Jorst’s creative Danish culture and spirits with elegant designs and wonderful craftsmanship. Skagen designs are impressive and exclusive. The small village of Skagen, Denmark has kilometers of white sandy beaches and this is where Henrick Jorst’s who designs the watches gets his inspiration. This company is known for sophisticated timepieces inspired by the landscape and lifestyle of their native Skagen Denmark. This brand offers high-quality timepieces at reasonable prices reflecting their creative Danish spirit.

Skagen watches are most known for their unique designs. This manufacturer offers ultra thin watches called Slimline that make the watch part of your body with a touch of elegance. The mesh collection has been a world wide range they are thin, flexible, yet durable and resistant. The Glitz watches are only made with genuine Swarovski crystals. They offer a huge variety of mesh band and titanium watches for men and women.

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