Kirk Kara

Kirk Kara

Kirk Kara is a designer of handcrafted engagement rings, wedding bands for women and men and fine jewelry, family-owned and committed to excellence since 1890. Their philosophy is to create artistically stunning symbols of devotion with the same passion and commitment as the bonds they represent, while honoring the family pledge of excellence and expertise set forth generations ago.

Each piece is meticulously hand engraved and millgrained in platinum or 18K gold and set with only the finest quality diamonds and gemstones. Every Kirk Kara engagement ring has a perfectly matching wedding band, inviting everyday wear. Kirk Kara is sold exclusively through Authorized retailers in the United States, all of which share their commitment to customer service, distinctiveness and trust.

With Kirk Kara you will find jewelry that epitomizes enduring romance, and future heirloom pieces to be enjoyed every day.

The images above are just a small sample of what we carry, please contact us or visit our store to view more of the collection.

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